Simple solutions for successful business

The artipa.Universus ERP solution offers, by its modularity, the possibilities that translate into the daily operation of a retailer. Universus is also focused on retailers. It is designed to provide users with comfort, speed and an overview of the current events of internal or external character. The original approach is to exchange data between headquarters and branch offices, with a sophisticated synchronization module.

Fast extensibility of individual modules. Superstructures.
Simplicity of program control and administration, so-called “on the button”.
Offline data synchronization mode headquarters – branch.
Good price thanks to SaaS.

artipa.Universus system is simple to operate. It focuses on data processing speed and efficiency. It excels in its easy access to databases.

The system is used for work at headquarters and branches. In case of possible failure of the online connection from the branch, access to the database is maintained and additional synchronization will occur after the connectivity at the headquarters is re-established. The whole architecture of the artipa.Universus system is designed as a distributed system with asynchronous off-line synchronization.

Universus is provided in the following variants:

On-premise model – systém je instalován na serverech zákazníka. Tento musí mít interní zdroje na provoz a údržbu celé dodávky. Na upgradech, aktualizacích a úpravách systému se podílí zákazník společně s artipa.
SaaS model (System as a Service) – ERP system is delivered remotely (eg via Internet). System updates and upgrades are provided by artipa. We run the whole system on our own servers in a hosting center in Prague.