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X.400 network services

artipa X.400 is a messaging and collaboration service designed to help artipa customers communicate more effectively. Thanks to our strategic technology and business partner GTT, we enable the sending and receiving of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) via X.400 networks. This is a quality assured service designed for corporations or EDI providers who want to outsource the implementation, maintenance and day-to-day operation of their internal/external EDI system and want to provide their internal users with secure worldwide access. It is a powerful and vital business tool that is flexible to carry a wide variety of data in the X.400 format. With the service, the implementation, maintenance and day-to-day operation of the internal messaging system can be fully outsourced. It is based on Internet technology and implemented on a central platform that is widely accessible to users through the artipa API. It offers unlimited reach to any X.400 protocol community by connecting to other gateways. Secure and centrally located X.400 mailboxes are created on your behalf. As this is a 24/7 service, artipa and GTT monitor the service and provide customer support 24/7. artipa thus supplies X.400 infrastructure to the IP world and works closely with EDI partners all over the planet.

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What in the X.400 world is going on?

X.400 is a set of protocols defining standards for e-mail messaging systems. It was defined by ITU-TS (International Telecommunications Union—Telecommunications Sector) in 1984 and again in the 1988 revision. It is used as an alternative to the more common email protocol called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). X.400 is a more complex technology than SMTP.

Who is the artipa X.400 service intended for?

It is intended for everyone who runs their own EDI solution within their organization or for their own customers and needs an X.400 address (service) with which they can communicate EDI data with partners of other X.400 networks.

What is its price?

The price of the service is always determined individually. As a rule, this is a monthly fee, which is based on the number of transferred messages or their volume. In case of interest, we prepare a price offer tailored to the interested party’s needs.