Smooth course of automatic exchange of business documents

Electronic invoicing involves not only sending or receiving invoices electronically, but automates the entire invoicing process between supplier and customer. Last but not least, it also brings cost savings to companies. The basic condition for electronic data exchange is to ensure their integrity and authenticity. In practice, these requirements are secured by electronic data interchange (EDI) with an electronic signature.


The message cannot be tampered with. It is information security against unauthorized modification.


The author clearly identifies the report. This information can always be traced back to ABP in the Document Tracking section.

Benefits of electronic EDI invoicing

Shortening the maturity of invoices – sent the confirmation message sender in a short time alerts for any errors in the invoice, the invoice may be immediately repaired and operational again sent without an extension or a breach of maturity.
Preventing errors and increasing the trustworthiness of business transactions, automatic loading of data into the information system significantly reduces the error rate that arises from manual entry.
Electronic payment system traceability – all data on the payment order is automatically loaded from the invoice, which leads to faster and simplified processes related to the issuance of payment orders and to the reduction of errors caused by manual data entry.

artipa.EDI – invoicing processing


Quick and easy traceability of all documents and related information, including finding out the state of work in progress and EDI control reports. Last but not least, the pairing in the process of communication business documentation. All online via ABP portal in 24/7 mode.

Saving resources

Processes such as entering data into a computer, manually processing documents, packaging, distributing or archiving are done automatically without direct human intervention. Thanks to various settings and modularity, ABP enables a convenient extension with additional functionalities not only for EDI billing.


The invoice is immediately delivered to the recipient, the sender will always receive a confirmation of receipt of the document and its subsequent processing (checking the accuracy, billing etc.). The automatic document matching process allows you to automatically clear invoices.


Invoice and other EDI documents are archived thanks to artipa.BusinessPortal. The system enables the unchanged documents to be proved and assists the user in trouble-free communication with the tax office. EDI document tracking on ABP is a user-friendly service.

Cost savings


All communication is done electronically.


There is no need to send paper documents by post.

Archive space

Documents shall be archived only in electronic form.


Runs full automation business.

Involvement of partners to the system

We ensure the involvement of the business partners of the EDI system artipa.EDI in a single community within the roll-out process. Concern about the use of your partners can fully leave the company artipa.

What does EDI roll-out contain?

Project management.
Communication with business partners and processing of related agenda and documentation.
Installation of ABPC communication software (ABClient) at business partners.
Partner training and support.
Progress reporting for roll-out project owners (called SuperUser).