From simple to complex solutions

The base of artipa.EDI services are transfers for transferring documents from the supplier to the customer and vice versa. For example, it is not possible to get an order or an invoice to a business partner if the user does not use any EDI communication (transfer) variant. These variants are targeted at economic entities in the areas of Automotive, Retail / Do It Yourself, Logistics, Finance and others. The transfers are in full-scale artipa.EDI care and end-user services presents ready-made solutions. Electronic tracking and archiving of all EDI documents is also an important factor in the processes of deployment and efficient use of artipa.EDI. In this case, artipa.EDI customers always use the artipa.BusinessPortal (ABP) service structure on the www interface. Of course there is online access 24/7.

square ABP blue
  • Web interface for accessing Web EDI or using traditional EDI.
  • Integration allowing data transfer between user’s in-house systems and partner companies (supplier / customer).
  • Using electronic business standards, users can send business documents from one application to another unlimitedly to enhance the performance of existing business processes.
  • Thanks to the multi-channel EDI infrastructure (X.400, AS2, OFTP / 2 etc.), it significantly reduces the cost of providing EDI services to customers.
  • Tracking and archiving of EDI documents.
  • Automate ordering of products and services, optimize business processes.
  • Replacement of paper documents (including accounting and tax documents).
  • Full integration within information systems (eg SAP, Navision, Helios, EkonomIS, Pohoda, Money, Universus etc.)

ABP not only provides connection with e-commerce tools, but also acts as a gateway for linking the ERP system artipa.Univerus and exchange business documents based on B2B or B2C. For the artipa.EDI group of services, ABP also serves as the headquarters of translation services for business EDI documents and as the brain of EDI transfer services. ABP is a multi-purpose component that enables connection and transfer through a multi-channel system with modular expansion capability.