Software As A Service


Our customer no longer has to spend a lot of money to buy selected software, systems or services. They choose the SaaS variant for each of the artipa services that suits them best.

The concept of “Software as a Service” was first discussed in the world in 1999 and this solution was considered a very promising topic. Although the term “Software as a Service” has been widely mentioned since then, the abbreviation SaaS was first used a few years later in the book “Strategic Backgrounder: Software as a Service” by Software & Information Industry’s eBusiness Division, published in February 2001 .

In recent years, thanks to the increase in the transmission capacity of the Internet and WANs, the outsourcing of information systems has developed through application hosting. Through outsourcing, various companies are primarily trying to squeeze out the maximum of activities that are not related to their primary business, outside the organization. Other goals are to improve cash flow, eliminate risks, and spread software costs over time in a way that avoids unnecessary one-off financial burdens. SaaS also enables system development without hardware investments and only new user licenses are purchased.